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Free Hugs

I’ll be giving away free hugs!!! Lol joke! The title is all about the shirt I’m wearing on this outfit post.

This is what I wore three weeks ago during out trip to Pangasinan. Talking about late post, huh? I chose to wear very light and comfortable clothes. Just a t-shirt and simple tattered jeans because I know it’s gonna be a long and hot day!

Free Hugs shirt from Topman, White tattered jeans from Folded & Hung and boots from Doc Martens.

Originally, I was planning to wear my supra sneakers and since we’re on a hurry that day, I picked the shoes beside me which was these boots. Haha

See my photodiary post here!

Hype this look on Lookbook here!

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Thrift Shop Haul

I feel ashamed to admit that I bought things at the thrift shop but hey, I’m just being practical! It’s my first time to go to thrift shop and at first, I feel shy to go inside it lol. I was shocked when I saw branded and cool jackets that was like php100-200! I didn’t hesitate to buy them since I know it’s always the last stock! Haha.

So here’s what I bought:

Denim Jacket for only php 150!

I can’t believe how cheap it is! But I think it looks the same with my other denim jacket so I’m going to customize it. I’ll put some studs and chains. Hope it’ll turn out great and I’ll blog it soon.

White Jacket for php150

I’ve got another jacket but unfortunately Luis wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

Here’s what my friend Luis and Lainy got:

Denim Long-Sleeves for 120php

Leather like Metallic Sheer Long-Sleeves for 120php

Sheer Vintage Printed Long-Sleeves for only 20php

I’m pretty amazed on how cheap it is! Haha

American Flag Sweater for 80php 

Faux Fur Sweater for 80php 

Vintage Top for 80php 

Will definitely go back to thrift shop soon! And this time, I will not be ashamed to admit! Hahaha.

Photos by: Luis Ugot

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Ancestor’s Hometown; Photodiary

Sorry for not posting this past week because I just recovered from dengue fever and I couldn’t face the computer at the hospital. Lol.

Three weeks ago, me, my parents and my auntie went to our ancestor’s hometown, Pangasinan. I took photos of the place since I know I’m not able to visit it often and photographs really make me happy. :)

Me, my auntie and our epic faces! Hahaha!

End of the day. Lol.

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